Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Turning a corner...

Traveling down the road
With my safety net in tow
Two lanes no longer one
Merge to the right
And follow the path
I've always known
Choose to go left
And live on Faith and Trust
To show me the way
Sit and ponder awhile
Only one option, this I know
Nothing will take away
The love I felt
Although it's time to acknowledge
It was not real
Full of lies and make believe
Take my cart
And tentatively
Put one foot in front of the other
Without looking back
Each little step
Will make me feel stronger
Cutting the strings
To walk on my own
Rainbow in the sky
Guiding me home
To a love of self
I've never known
Tough love opened my eyes
To a world of wonder
Filled with surprise
Turning a corner
In this journey
I am on
Believing I will be shown
The steps I need to take
Until then
I will rejoice in
The new found smile
Upon my face


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