Saturday, March 3, 2012

Always Together

Abandoned and alone
With no where to go
All that I thought I had
With you
Was taken away
I don't even know
How long it will take
Until you are once again
Occupyimg my space
My inbox is empty
No texts on my phone
Just me sitting here
Lost and alone
What started out as devastated
And broken beyond repair
Has now become numb
And filled with despair
Parts of me are angry
And wanting to lash out
But I know that isn't fair
As no one is to blame
I just have to have Faith
That if we are meant to be
You will somehow
Find your way back to me
Until that time comes
I want you to believe
You are missed and loved
From the depths of my being
I no longer feel whole
Without you in my days
Take care of yourself
While we are apart
Just remember
We are always together
In each other's hearts.

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