Saturday, March 3, 2012

Her Destiny

Lost little girl
In a woman's body
Is there any way
For you to find me
So many hurts
Locked inside
Wanting to escape
But easier to hide
Tears of sadness
Running down my face
Fear and loneliness
Taking up space
All I want is for you to hold me
To love me
To help me feel safe
Someone I can trust
To help me learn
How to take away the pain
Of the lost little girl
Who has no name
The memories elude me
But the pain is real
Feels as though someone
Is sitting on my chest
I can't seem to reach
Beyond this emptiness
I want to take your hand
And believe what you say
But how do I know
That you too
Won't hurt me the same way?
The love that I feel is
From the depths of my soul
And you question its existence
When it helps me feel whole
Instead I have found
That everything I want
Is just beyond my reach
Because of the confusion that
Haunts me
Even in my sleep
I love with everything I am
But is it enough
Only time will tell
Of this I am sure of
As the tears begin to fade
There is one thing I know
The lost little girl
Is ready to fight
She's lived long enough
Buried within me
It's time to break free
And surface as a woman
That of which
Has always been
Her destiny


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