Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Present in this moment...

Here I am in this "woe is me" state and I have to stop, be present in this moment, and acknowledge that I have so much to be grateful for. I have been so blessed and I have a choice as to where I am going to focus my energies.

What I have to be grateful for:

My eyesight
My hearing
My limbs
My heart
My health
That I have food to eat
A roof over my head
Clothes on my back
Shoes on my feet (flip flops actually)
A bed to sleep in at night
A job
A truly wonderful son
That I have a car
People who care about me
That I can read and write
That I can think
And feel
And smell
And taste
That I have teeth
That I am alive!

In life, you win some and you lose some. Being able to walk away having been able to love another is a gift. I truly believe different people have been put in our lives for a reason. To help us grow, change and learn about ourselves. We all have things in our life that maybe could've been said or been done differently. We have had people that we've hurt or been hurt by. We are human. And what matters in this moment right now is that we release the past and that which we cannot change. That we are true to ourselves going forward. And that we are present in this moment, recognizing the beauty within us and around us. And to trust that we are where we need to be right now.


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