Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moment In Time

I had a moment at lunch today.  Well, actually longer than a moment.  But, definitely a moment in time where I was on the inside looking out, metaphorically and literally.  It was really quite amazing.  Have you ever had a moment where your mind is completely clear, without all the clutter, indecision, and worry, where you can see and hear everything around you, and just feel so peaceful and content?  A time where you are truly in the moment, experiencing it, glorying in it?  Well, I had such a moment today.  There I was sitting at this corner table up against the window, reading a book, while waiting for my order to be up and I happened to look outside. What I saw just soothed my soul in a way that is truly hard to explain.  The sky was pristine and blue, with only one cloud in sight, and there were these palm trees slightly blowing in the breeze.  In the background I could hear music around the restaurant and spent a moment observing others in the room, wondering silently if they felt it too.  I looked back outside and was just drawn once again to the palm trees dancing in the breeze.  I can't explain it, but at that moment, everything seemed right in my world.  After a time, my number was called and I went back to reading my book and eating my food.  But, not before smiling to myself and recognizing how far I've come.  I lived so long on the outside (thinking that is what mattered) and (not) looking in (within).  Finally connecting within and working from the inside out is very liberating.  It has really allowed me to delve into my heart and realize what is important.  Awe inspiring really.  Journey on.  Journey on.

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